Downtown Houston bar named one of Top 50 best bars in North America

The world's 50 best bars, an annual list that celebrates the best of the best when it comes to adult beverages, has released their vote for the top 50 bars in North America and a local bar in downtown Houston was the only one in our state to make the list.

World's 50-best bars ranked Julep cocktail bar in Washington Avenue number 46 on the list. Alba Huerta is the creator and owner, she's also a Mexican immigrant turned citizen.  


"This is what happens when you give immigrants the right to work and the right to own a business," said Huerta. 

We asked her what makes Julep so special that it's standing out among the tens of thousands of other bars on the continent.

"We have a classic cocktail bar; we focus on southern ingredients because we're in the regional south. We just recently did a menu called our migrant menu, so we tracked ingredients as to how they got here. If you're someone who really likes to venture out and try new things, we are that place for you," Huerta said. 


Customers who frequent Julep, and those checking it out for the first time, say they can see what all the hype is about. 

"They take pride in making their drinks here, so I think that reflects in how the drink is presented and how it tastes," said Vincent Law who says he frequents Julep. 

Huerta says during the pandemic the fate of her business didn't look promising, but they survived, and now thanks to making a list that bar lovers across the globe look to for suggestions, they're doing better than ever.

"I've noticed a lot more people visiting from out of town, I do think there is a draw there for people who travel," said Huerta.