Domestic abuse survivor to be honored by faith-based support group

Joneen Morris shares her incredible story of survival with FOX 26 News and explains how people who have not faced domestic violence can still play a key role in the recovery process.


Morris serves as a vessel of hope for others who had someone they trusted shatter their world. She has become an advocate for domestic violence survivors and says her life changed after an experience with her boyfriend.

Morris felt afraid to sleep, to be around people or even be in her home. Her case against her ex-boyfriend is pending. She found help with Fresh Spirit Wellness for Women, a faith-based support group founded by Dr. Conte Terrell, inspiring Morris to reach out to others who need to know they are not alone.

Fresh Spirit Wellness for Women has been operating for two decades. The group will honor Morris at its upcoming gala.

Morris could not emphasize the power of support groups enough.