DNA test leads New Hampshire man to find siblings, answers in Texas

HOUSTON (FOX 26) — A Father's Day present for a New Hampshire man led him to Houston, Texas, to reunite with siblings he never knew he had.

Jimmy Beaupre, 52, used Ancestry, an online genealogy service and it lead him to the southern U.S.

"One night, he fell asleep not knowing anything and the next day, he woke up and had four siblings," said Meredith Braselton, Beaupre's half-sister.

"I was just looking on the Ancestry to see where my heritage lies and then all of a sudden, Michelle came up as an immediate relative," said Beaupre, referring to his half-sister. He sent Michelle a message online and she responded within half an hour.

"We've been talking ever since," said Jimmy James Hunt. "Everyday, at least a few hundred times a day."

On Friday, Beaupre met his siblings for the first time in person. 

Beaupre grew up in the Boston area and hardly knew anything about his biological father. Until July 2018, Beaupre had never seen a photo of him. His father, also a Jimmy James, left for Texas when Beaupre was a toddler.

In Texas, Beaupre's father had two sets of fraternal twins, Meredith Braselton and Michelle Mahoney, 47, and Jana and Jimmy James Hunt, 45. Yes, another Jimmy James.

Their father passed away in 1977. The siblings in Texas were very young and never knew about Beaupre either.

"I think he'd be excited that we all finally met and got together," concluded Beaupre. "It was just meant to be, you know. He wanted this all long."

They know there are questions that'll never be answered. However, they're looking forward to writing this new chapter in their lives together.

On their first weekend together, the siblings shared laughs, stories, and pranks over barbecue. They also visited thier father's gravesite together. 

"I don't feel like we've really been distant," said Jana.