Designer European cosmetic filler now available in Houston

A new cosmetic tool has come to town in the form of a European facial filler that was recently granted FDA approval here in the U.S. We caught up with one of the only doctors offering it to her patients, incuding Yushema Simon. She wants to add a little volume to her face, after losing weight from gastric bypass surgery.

"I actually used to weigh 318 pounds and after losing all that weight, ended up losing a lot of volume in my mid-face, so I'm really here to get a little more balance, little filler here. My eyes are kind of big, and so I feel like with the volume loss, it kind of makes my eyes look even bigger, and they're the focal point which is fine, but I just want a little bit more balance in my face," says Yushema.

Dr. Mirwat Sami, with Houston Oculofacial Plastic Surgery, is only one of a handful of doctors who got the green-light to offer the RHA collection. She appreciates its exclusivity.

"This company is a designer filler that they want to be in the hands of people who are going to do these injections in a safe and effective manner. To me as a practitioner, who does end up seeing some complications from others' fillers, I want to be assured of that, so for me that really speaks to my soul as a physician," says Dr. Sami.

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This particular filler is known for its fluidity.

"I'm a total science geek and science speaks to me and I really was impressed with the way this was formulated. The tagline is ‘Flawless in motion’ and who doesn't want to be flawless in motion?" questions a smiling Dr. Sami.

She adds, it's easy to make fillers look good when a face is at rest, but making it look natural when someone is animated, is another story.

"What I'm trying to achieve here, because she has really high cheekbones, but just not enough meat on the bone, I'm adding that volume, that lift, so that we can still see her big eyes, but they don't cast a shadow underneath," demonstrates Dr. Sami, as she injects the filler into her patient's face.


Yushema says a numbing cream makes the procedure very tolerable. "I felt a little pressure, but that was it," says Yushema and believes it's definitely worth it. "I'm 43 and so I feel like I'm getting a little older, so I don't want wrinkles to start setting in, I want to look good! My mom looks really good and so I want to be beautiful for as long as I can, and so I'm really excited about it," explains Yushema.

She's a nurse who's in touch with her options and isn't nervous about being one of the first in the U.S., because it has been successfully used in Europe for years. We caught up with her doctor weeks after the interview for before and after shots to show our viewers the difference.

Brenda Nelson is also excited to be one of the first to try it.

"I want to put a little filler here in my jawline and maybe a little on my smile because it looks like I'm always frowning," explains Brenda. She believes a fresh look will help match her happy mood.

"It's wonderful! It makes me feel good. I think I feel more positive and feel like full of energy, because I'm already like that," she says.

Brenda also got the filler to help disguise a scar on her lip. Dr. Sami is confident it will help.

"It's the Swiss technology, where the hyaluronic acid chains are actually the least modified so they are most natural," says Dr. Sami.

She says that means less lumps and bumps from the filler and a lower risk of infection. She also encourages her patients to understand that this does not replace surgery, but can help contour and offer a slight lift.

Dr. Sami says the price is comparable to other fillers on the market. Results are seen immediately and continue to become more obvious as the patient's own collagen kicks-in to gear. It lasts for about fifteen months.

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