Deputies: Man injured while rigging home with booby traps

Authorities say a man in Tomball was rigging his home with booby traps made from shotgun shells when one went off and injured him.

Deputies responding to a call about a discharge of a firearm at a home in Tomball encountered a man with gunshot wounds on his body outside of the home. Deputies say the man was somewhat incoherent and saying that there was danger in the home.

The sheriff's office says a deputy attempted to enter the home, but was met with some kind of discharge upon making entry into a doorway. Deputies didn't know if the officer was shot by someone in the house or if some type of booby trap caused the discharge.

Law enforcement set up a perimeter around the home as they worked to determine if someone was in the home barricaded or that may need help. They ultimately determined the man's injuries were the result of the booby traps.

The sheriff's office says the man who was found outside the home is being treated at the hospital. The deputy is said to be okay but did receive an injury from fragments from the discharge.