Crosby ISD's back-to-school plans released as two coaches test positive for COVID-19

Crosby ISD has released its back to school plan as two coaches there test positive for COVID-19. We talked with Crosby's Superintendent.

As parents learn back-to-school plans, many want to know what safety measures will be taken to keep a COVID-19 outbreak from occurring.

"That's my biggest concern. We can't stop it completely. Once we come back together there's always the potential for someone to be positive for COVID19 and infect another person.  How can we minimize that risk?” asks Crosby ISD Superintendent Dr. Scott Davis.

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Crosby is set to start remote learning on August 13, 2020. The plan is to continue virtual schooling for those who choose to and those who don't, for now, will be allowed back in school buildings the Tuesday after Labor Day.

"We have looked at the architecture of our buildings to see where are our natural architectural bubbles that we can protect?" For instance, Dr. Davis says Crosby Jr High has different wings for its 6, 7, and 8th graders. So if someone in a certain grade tests positive “We could in effect shut down just that one grade level and allow the other two to continue to come to school."

Dr. Davis estimates the two Crosby ISD coaches who tested positive for COVID-19 came in contact with 40 to 60 students and staff including football, boys basketball, and volleyball student-athletes. Both were wearing masks while coaching kids outside.

“It made sense for us, just out of an abundance of caution, to cancel strength and conditioning."

Lesley Battles son is a Junior at Crosby High School. He plays baseball and golf. The family is actually considering moving to a state where COVID19 cases are decreasing to increase their son's chances of an athletic scholarship. “How is my son going to be able to get scouted or anything else with his athletic career? Because that's what he wants to do for college,” explains Battles.

Six to 8% of Crosby kids still don't have the technology for virtual learning but the district is working on it.

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“We are still committed to your kids and their safety and we look forward to however it is we get to work with your kids this year and we're sorry it can't be “normal” but we're still going to love your children and help grow them to the maximum extent possible,” says Dr. Davis.