Crosby High School to close for rest of week due to COVID-19

Crosby High School will shut down in-person classes for the rest of the week due to COVID-19. District officials said the school will close for cleaning and reset.

Crosby ISD's superintendent, Dr. Scott Davis says Crosby High School will shut down for three days starting Wednesday, to stop the spread of the virus.

"We use a rolling seven-day average so that we can see these things coming as far as the number of positive COVID cases that are aggregated between our students and our classroom teachers and we found out that we would hit that tomorrow," Davis said.

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Texas public schools are required to report positive COVID-19 cases on their school campuses. The TEA and DSHS will update the data webpage weekly on Wednesdays.

"We have applied that 0.2% to our building capacities. For our high schools, it’s a very conservative number. A rolling average of four out of 1,800 capacity for the building. So every time we reach a seven-day rolling average of four kids, we take a look at where’s the natural break for us to stop for three days and clean extra. 
"That one kid could add up one time on each of those days, so it’s not 28 separate positives, that’s total running for 7 days," Davis said.


According to the district’s COVID-19 dashboard online, Crosby High School currently has 10 positive cases and 17 people in self-quarantine.

Davis says roughly 45% of the district came back to in-person learning on September 8.

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Despite the teachers' and custodial team’s vigorous cleaning efforts throughout the day over the last three weeks, Crosby High School will now be the third campus in the district to shut down due to COVID-19.

Although the campus will be closed, classes will not be canceled. Students will learn virtually over the next three days. 

Crosby High School is expected to reopen for in-person learning on Monday.