Criminal District Court Judges up for re-election face tough crowd at town hall meeting on crime

During a town hall meeting Thursday night, those in attendance could not ask questions, but that didn't stop some folks from letting the judges know how they felt.

230th Criminal District Court Judge Chris Morton 248th Judge Hillary Unger and 263rd Judge Amy Martin have all been featured in Breaking Bond reports.


All three have a history of granting multiple felony bonds to repeat violent offenders.

Some of those offenders went on to allegedly commit murder while out on bond.

Both Morton and Unger told the crowd granting multiple bonds to defendants was something judges did before they took office.

"People getting out on bond on violent crimes, committing other violent crimes while they're on bonds, and getting other bonds that has been happening for a very long time," Morton said.

"Something has changed since we all got on the bench in 2019, now there's a spotlight that you hear that those bonds are insufficient," said Unger.


"I'm leaving the bench at the end of this year, the Democrats decided I wasn't a good Democrat," Martin said. "I'm not ashamed of that fact I have nothing to tell you but the truth, there's a lot of stuff going on right now in the criminal justice system."

Morton was asked about a defendant that he granted a total of 14 bonds to, seven of those within a months time.

When asked how many bonds is too many, Morton replied, "that's a very good question. Hey folks, I live here too. I don't want people getting out committing new crimes."