Crime in Montgomery County gets no tolerance

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Montgomery County remains a picturesque community, where things move a bit slower. But if you think there is a tolerance for crime, especially against children, think again.

Chief Prosecutor Darla Faulkner says, "If you harm a child in this county you better be ready to face the penalty."

How serious are the people of Montgomery County about crime? 

Let's take a look at two convictions in the last three days.

Monday, 52-year-old Michael Rubino was sentenced to life - life in prison in Montgomery County after being convicted for sexually abusing a child. 

Case #2 this week: 22-year-old Alexander Bartlett. He was also sentenced to get this life in prison in a separate case for physically abusing a 2-month-old child.  How bad was it? Faulkner says the child had bite marks on his face and 23 broken ribs.

These latest convictions out of Montgomery County are just the latest example of the hard time behind bars you can get in the quiet community just north of Houston. 

First Assistant District Attorney Phil Grant says these heavy convictions that come from jurors and judges are also pushed by passionate prosecutors.

Attorneys of the court who are not just interested in plea deals but a reminder this is how Texas justice looks and feels. 

So, if you're going to Montgomery County it would best to remember  crime is not taken lightly in the community of a half million people.

When the jury or judge speak criminals have no choice but to listen.