Creating family fun to cure COVID-19 cabin fever

A northeast Houston family seems to have quite a creative cure for COVID-19 cabin fever.  The Harris’ have taken family game night FAR beyond board games.

“It’s a lot of fun” the Harris’ smile in unison.

Often when we think of families playing together it’s parents with little kids but this creative clan could bring out the kid in all of us.

"My mom had this COVID-19 scavenger hunt where we had to look for all of these sanitizing type items,” laughs Gregory Harris.

With the world quarantined because of COVID-19, Michelle Harris thought, what a perfect time to imaginatively enjoy her husband and sons, one of whom is a recent college grad, the other is home early from college due to the pandemic.

"COVID19 has all of us putting our thinking caps on while being at home, reflecting, enjoying the family,” explains Michelle Harris.

“It’s been fun hanging out with my family.  Everyone should try it.  You may find out you have a lot more in common than you thought,” says Garner Harris.

"This is another way we can still be tight-knit and stay together and stay safe too,” explains Gregory.

Staying safe?

Yes, they’ve done that too. Before the Harris family games began, the oldest son Gregory quarantined separately in the house after traveling.

After his two weeks were up, mom came up with the end of workday family fun events.  Each is on the calendar to come up with an innovative activity.

"Garner has next Sunday. We don’t know what he has planned. Each day is a surprise,” Gregory explains.

The game has to be something that gets the family moving like Twister or an outdoor scavenger hunt.

“I won. I always win,” yells Garner.

"Garner is hosting the next activity and I declare right now he will not be the winner,” says mom with a serious face.

"During the games, she doesn’t like me a lot,” laughs Garner.

“Yes he’s very competitive. Yes, he is. Sometimes his older brother and I, we let him win right?” laugh Michelle and Gregory.

Due to work, dad had to sit out on the interview, but the Harris’ say they hope to encourage other families to do things they normally wouldn’t and take time to enjoy what matters most, the people you love.