COVID-19 hitting greater Houston area nursing homes hard

At least 83 people at the Resort of Texas City nursing home have tested positive for COVID 19, according to the Galveston County Health Department.

That number includes both patients and employees.

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87-year-old resident Peggy Smith, an Alzheimer's patient, died at the Resort at Texas City from COVID 19.

Her son Samuel Quinn got to see her before she died.

"I kept trying to get her attention I kept saying mom and I was shaking her leg a little bit and holding her hand I was kissing her on the forehead I was doing everything I could to let her know I was there," Quinn said. "I was stroking the back of her hair I was like mom can you hear me it was sad man."

Quinn says he knew nothing about the COVID-19 diagnosis until after spending five hours with his dying mother.

"He said I just want to let you know your mom came back positive for coronavirus," said Quinn. "I've been in there for five hours. Oh my God, I was in shock a little bit that she had it."

"The safest place really for your loved ones right now are in those communities that are taking all the steps to try to protect them," said Diana Martinez president and CEO of Texas Assisted Living Facility.

Martinez says even when a COVID 19 outbreak happens at a nursing home or assisted living facility your loved one is probably better off staying there.

"They're checking everybody that comes in with temperature checks are you doing that in your household too," Martinez said.

LaPorte Health Care is one of the most recent facilities to have confirmed COVID-19 cases.

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Harris County Public Health says some residents and staff members have tested positive but no numbers were released.

Some have been hospitalized.