Court temporarily blocks order over straight-ticket voting in Texas

The one punch to allow voters to choose a party's entire list of candidates is an option now on hold. The federal appeals court is temporarily blocking the initial ruling that allowed for straight-ticket voting.

Attorney General Ken Paxton issued this statement, after being granted the emergency stay, writing in part:
“I commend the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit for granting our request for an administrative stay. I will not stand by when the integrity of our election process is threatened. The 2020 general election is already underway. Any changes to the process now could jeopardize the fair and accurate administration of the election."


Straight ticket voting was set to end this year in Texas under a law passed in 2017 by the legislature.

A federal judge ordered the state to reinstate the practice saying the one-punch voting will speed up the voting process and decrease the time people could be exposed to COVID-19.

Federal judge blocks Texas’ elimination of straight-ticket voting

Democrats sued the state in March to overturn the Texas Legislature’s removal of straight-ticket voting.

The stay issued today means no straight ticket for now. What may help the possible long lines are all the opportunities citizens will be getting to cast their ballot.

“I think the amazing thing about the drive thru location they will have available, you can ring a bell and someone will come to your car and you can vote that way. Early voting has been extended from Oct. 13- Oct 30,” said Annie Benifield, the vice president for voter services with the League of Women Voters of Houston.

The organization is working hard to make sure everyone is registered to vote.

One popular way to register is to go online and fill out the form.

“You are going to need a printer because you are going to have to print it out and sign it to send it back in and you are going to have to put it in an envelope to mail it back,” said Benifield.

2020 Election: Everything you need to know to vote in Texas

We have put together a guide with everything you need to know to be able to vote in Texas for the 2020 Election.

The organization is making it easier by offering a pre-paid voter registration card on their website. The goal is to give everyone the resources to register so when November 3 comes along, everyone has the opportunity to vote.