Court docs say HCSO deputy's wife shot twice in bedroom closet

A Harris County Sheriff's deputy has been arrested and charged with murder by Houston Police. This comes after the deputy’s wife, Patricia Spivey, was found shot to death in their Southeast Houston home Sunday.

Court records say Deputy Renard Spivey called 911 and told investigators he accidentally shot his wife after the two had been arguing all day.

A mental health evaluation has been ordered for the 63-year-old veteran officer.

According to court documents, 52-year-old Patricia Spivey was found shot to death in the master bedroom closet of her home.  

Investigators said she was shot twice in her arm and her chest. One of the bullets struck her heart and the left side of her lung.

Spivey was also shot in his left thigh. He claims a 9-mm gun accidentally went off when the two were tussling over it.

The veteran deputy has worked with the Harris County Sheriff's Office since 1996.

Spivey also acted as a bailiff for the TV show "Cristina's Court," which used to be filmed at FOX 26's studios.

Patricia's brother, Ezra Washington, said he frequently gave his brother-in-law relationship advice, even chatting with him for nearly six hours the night before.

“He said if she talks to me like I'm a child again, that incredible hulk is going to come out. And it ain't gonna be good,” Washington said.

“If you don't like the relationship you're in, you can walk away from it. You know? You don’t have to end it by ending somebody's life,” Washington continued.

Washington said the couple had apparently been arguing about Spivey potentially having an affair, or using steroids again.

“He was just saying that he had the low t (testosterone) and he had been getting the injections and all that, but because of a cruise they had planned, he wanted to lean up,” Washington said.  

Washington describes Patricia as a loveable but outspoken woman-- something he says didn't sit well with his brother-in-law. 

“She’s gonna tell you why. There's not gonna be no don’t do, don’t do this. He was very controlling,” Washington said.

As the case continues to unravel, Washington said he only has one question for Spivey.

“I want you to tell me how my sister lived her last 45 seconds of her life. You were there, you had control of it,” Washington said.  

Spivey's attorney said his client is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday morning.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office said Spivey’s employment with the department is will be reviewed by the sheriff’s Administrative Discipline Committee.

Spivey was hired as a detention officer in 1996 and became a deputy in 1998. Throughout his career, Spivey has been primarily assigned to the Detention Command, most recently serving in Court Operations since 2016.

"The Harris County Sheriff's Office family extends our sincere condolences to the family of Patricia Spivey as they mourn the loss of their loved one," said Sheriff Ed Gonzalez. "While the facts of this specific case will be determined by a jury, I encourage all victims of domestic violence to seek assistance from law enforcement and others whom they trust. I also ask anyone who suspects a friend or loved one may be the victim of abuse to persist in helping them escape a potentially deadly situation."