Couple accuses rental company employee of assault and trespass

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A small electrical fire at the Bell's home caused smoke damage to the furniture they had rented.

Patricia Bell says 23-year-old Christopher Robert Jones and another Rent-A-Center employee showed up saying they were only there to take pictures.

“You’re not fixin to take my furniture he said yes I am I said no you’re not and it went from there,” Bell said. “I said you need to leave my house he said you can’t make me I’m not leaving this house till I take this furniture with me and the TV, I said sir you need to leave my house cause you don’t pay nothing here.”

The Bells, who admit they were late making a payment, say it went downhill from there.

“He turned around and pushed me as hard as he can right into the chest,” Bell said. “Pushed me into the fireplace and the TV and stuff. I caught my balance with the wall, by that time my husband ran over there and he grabbed him.”

“I went over there and grabbed him by the arm and caught him and escorted him out  the door,” said David Bell. “He was grabbing everything he could get a hold of to try to hold on.”

The Bells called 911.

The San Jacinto Sheriff’s Department says Jones told them he was justified in repossessing the furniture, and wasn’t leaving without his company’s merchandise.

But the Bell's attorney Jon Parchman says Jones had no paperwork.

“If you want to repossess something you go to court and get the documents you need and come do it in a civil manner,” Parchman said. “You don’t just come over there by yourself and demand to take things.”

Jones is now charged with criminal trespass.

We contacted attorney Andrew Leibowitz whose representing Rent-A-Center in this matter. He had no comment.