Congressman Al Green, State Rep. Ron Reynolds arrested during protest in Washington D.C.

(Photo: Texas State Rep. Ron Reynolds' Office)

U.S. Congressman Al Green and Texas State Rep. Ron Reynolds, both from the Houston area, were arrested during a voting rights protest in Washington, D.C., according to their offices.

Photos and video shared by the lawmakers show authorities securing their hands with green bands and leading them away.

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Rep. Reynolds’ office said he was "detained while peacefully protesting". A Facebook live video shows that he has since been released.

A Facebook post on Congressman Green’s official page also confirmed that he had been arrested after participating in a voting rights press conference and protest with several others. According to the post, Congressman Green was "arrested by local authorities for participating in an act of civil disobedience."

According to Rep. Reynolds’ office, they were at the U.S. Capitol for a planned rally with the National Clergy United for Justice advocating for the U.S. Senate to pass federal voting rights legislation to stop voting bills in Texas.

"Rep. Reynolds stated that he will continue speaking truth to power and making good and necessary trouble to preserve the fundamental right to vote for millions of Texans," according to a statement from his office.