Concerns over Pokemon Go continue to grow

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It didn’t take law enforcement officials long to remind Pokemon Go players 'don’t get so caught up in the game that you lose your common sense'.

“You have people driving actually playing this game which is terribly dangerous,” said Precinct One Constable Alan Rosen.

There’s already been reports of people tripping falling and walking into traffic while totally engrossed in Pokemon Go.

“I have a lot of concerns for anything that distracts from people paying attention to what they are doing,” Rosen said.

The virtual reality game sends players to various locations and there’s already been instances where criminals were waiting to rob players.

“We encourage parents to actually go with their kids in order to make sure they’re safe,” said HPD officer Jed Rose.

Police also remind players you can’t always legally be at locations the game sends you so understand how trespassing laws work before you end up being arrested for it.

“There are some malware versions of the app out there so we want people to be aware of that and not download those especially,” said Leah Napoliello with the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB warns of possible identity theft for Pokemon Go players.

“If you do sign up with your Google account then potentially the app could access your Google information,” said Napoliello.

While playing Pokemon Go is free you might end up going broke paying your cell phone bill.

“Just using the app itself you are required to use GPS that can be a big data hog and potentially increase your phone bill quite a bit too,” Napoliello said.

The maker of Pokemon Go says its working on some of the concerns about all the information users have to give to download the app with a Google account.

Whether it matters to you or not Pokemon Go has been described as a human tracking device.

It knows where you are and has access to your photos camera and Google accounts.