Concern after Memorial High School students posts threat on social media

Reports of a Memorial High School student looking to buy a gun online is causing widespread concern.  In fact, dozens of kids went home early from Memorial High after learning of the threat which is said to have involved a student who posted on social media that he's trying to buy an automatic rifle.

“When there’s a threat of violence at a school and it’s credible enough for them to notify parents about it, every parent should be concerned,” says Michael Fields whose daughter attends Memorial High School.

Some Memorial High parents showed us what they say is the social media post that’s causing concern.

It reads: "If you’re selling an M-16 or M-4 I need one ASAP. I’m coming for you (expletive) n-words”.

”I was very scared because the language he used didn’t seem like he was joking. So I texted my dad to come and pick me up,” explains MHS junior Laura Fields.

The post was supposedly made Thursday night by a black male Memorial High School student who was involved in an off campus fight earlier in the week.

“We’ve seen horrible situations happen around the country in schools where if forewarning would have been paid attention to maybe some of those tragedies could have been avoided,” adds Mr. Fields. 

The Memorial High School principal sent parents the following notice:

Many parents chose to keep their kids home.

”There were dozens of people missing in my classes already in first period.  A lot of people just didn’t show up,” says student Laura Fields. 

Whether the social media post is a preview of planned violence or a prank, the parents and students we spoke with say it doesn’t matter. They are not taking this lightly.

“It’s not funny. I had multiple tests today that I’m going to have to miss and make up," said Fields. "It put everyone in unrest.”