Clear Creek ISD raising money for students whose homes were destroyed by fire

C0lear Creek ISD is raising money for several of their students whose homes were destroyed after a fire at an apartment complex.

The Houston Fire Department confirmed the fire was sparked by lighting around 4 p.m. Thursday afternoon at the Landing at Clear Lake apartments in Webster.

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"I was coming back from picking my daughter up from school," said Cindy Procell, who says the fire not only took her belongings, but claimed the life of one of her cats.

A total of 52 students from CCISD live at that apartment complex, and we know six of them lost everything - her 12-year-old daughter being one of them.

"I just got done taking first day photos of my daughter and putting them on Facebook, and the next day the whole apartment is out there, and the last thing you see is her going off to school and the apartment. It has definitely been tragic for sure," she said.


"The day before, I had all my grandkids here. I am just looking here, and all I see is an artificial plant made it through all that flame. Isn't that something?" said Robert Drake, another resident.

The school district has activated their emergency resource called CCISD Cares, which is a nonprofit that has raised $8,000 so far for the displaced families.

If you’d like to help, you can contact CCISD Cares.