Chiropractor claims she has cured more than 1,000 people from loss of taste, smell

High school student Kate Johnson has been traveling all the way from her home in Dallas to the Houston area the past few weeks in the hopes of finding a solution for a problem countless people have been dealing with.

"I have been dealing with the struggle of taste and smell for about 13 months, and we tried everything from smell training to CBD oil. We went to doctors, and they weren't sure what it was or how to fix it," explains Kate.

She's one of many people still dealing with the long-haul issue of losing taste and smell after contracting COVID-19.

That's when her dad saw online that Dr. Ashley Prince with Prince Health and Wellness in The Woodlands was having success fixing it. FOX 26 covered the chiropractor's success back in November 2021.

ORIGINAL STORY: Chiropractor claims treatment helped patients get their taste, smell back after COVID-19

"I think it's important that you understand this virus. It loves the nervous system. Most of the dangerous side effects and symptoms that I'm seeing are neurological in origin. For example, headaches, neurological, anxiety, depression, I have patients coming in with anxiety and depression. Those are neurological side effects, not to mention loss of taste and smell, that is neurological. You can put whatever you want up your nose, but nothing is going to fix the problem because the problem is not in your nose. The problem is in your brain, it's literally brain damage," says Dr. Prince.

But Dr. Prince believes it can easily be reversed.

"I use a device called an arthroSTIM. We put it at the first bone in the neck, and we adjust that area. It affects the cranial nerves when I do that adjustment. This is why the headaches go away, the anxiety and depression go away, and the taste and smell come back," states Dr. Prince.

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How does the procedure feel? "It's definitely a bit of a punch, and I've teared up for the most part, but I would go through it 100 more times if it's what brought me to where I am now," says a smiling Kate.

Dr. Prince is also helping Kate with herniated discs from sports injuries, which the doctor says may be why the virus stayed in her system.

"We're loosening up every single joint in the body. We're removing interference and this helps pump toxins out of the disc and flood hydration into this to help heal the disc herniation. Once again, herniation and damage to the spine are what caused the loss of taste and smell," explains Dr. Prince. "When the viral particles get trapped in the spinal cord, the misaligned vertebrae block the viral particles, and the body can't deal with the virus. That's why we do this exercise. Because once we clear out the viral particles, and we deliver an adjustment to taste and smell comes back."

A quick taste test reveals to Dr. Prince, the treatment worked! She blindfolded Kate, who immediately identified the sweet treat as a chocolate chip cookie.

"That is just pure Heaven," says a happy Kate.

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Kate says it took six treatments and prayers to achieve her biggest wish to taste and smell again.

"I was so overwhelmed with joy, and I reached out to everyone who's gone through this journey with me and, you know, it was just a miracle. And it was pretty supernatural," Kate recalls.

Dr. Prince says most patients cry. "I had one who just laughed hysterically, but most of them cry," says Dr. Prince.

Tears of joy! It has been a huge blessing for Kate.

"I went my 16th birthday without being able to eat anything that I really desired, and it definitely sent me through a phase of anxiety and depression. I just didn't really have any hope," says Kate. "I really hope everyone else can see this and get the same help that I did, because it's just unbelievable and like it's honestly surreal. Being able to enjoy. I was able to eat for my 17th birthday. It was awesome," exclaims Kate.

Dr. Prince shares dozens of other testimonies on her website. She's also releasing a book soon with more helpful information called Medicine Won't Fix You.