CDC to screen for coronavirus at Bush Airport

The number of novel coronavirus cases continues to grow daily in China, and changes are coming to George Bush Intercontinental Airport to help prevent the spread in the U.S.

Houston’s mayor Sylvester Turner held a press conference Wednesday alerting people about the new screenings the CDC will soon be conducting on travelers to try to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus. Mayor Turner said he did not have information yet on when the screenings would begin or what they would entail.

There is also an advisory on monitors in the airport, warning people traveling to Wuhan, China to stay away from animals, raw meat and sick people.

Some travelers were seen wearing surgical masks as a safety measure as they boarded their international flights Wednesday at Bush Airport.“She kind of got scared, so the doctor told her to just cover her mouth in the airport and during the flight,” said Maricela Romero of her mother who was wearing a surgical mask as she prepared to fly to Mexico City.

Common signs of the novel coronavirus infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties, according to the CDC.“One of the challenges with this virus is that its initial symptoms are very similar—in fact almost identical—to the symptoms that we’ll see with anyone with any other seasonal virus,” said Dr. David Persse from the Houston Health Dept.

Approximately 2,000 travelers arrive at Bush Airport on flights from China weekly, according to airport officials.

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