Car burglar breaks into several vehicles in Kingwood stealing at least one gun

Residents in one neighborhood are now in fear after a man broke into several cars in a Kingwood subdivision.

According to police, most car burglars are hoping to find guns. If that’s the case, unfortunately, this thief got exactly what he was looking for.

"That concerns me," says Martee Black.


With the chirp of a cell phone notification, Black’s home surveillance cameras alerted her to something terribly wrong.

"Once I looked at it, and I realized what was going on, I saw someone in my husband's vehicle with the driver door open," Black explains.  

There’s video of what she saw. You can clearly see a man in her husband’s car in the driveway of their Kingwood home.

Her husband, a Houston firefighter, had just finished a 24-hour shift. He was taking his work gear from his car to the house, but before he could finish unloading, their cameras caught a man going through his car. 

"He heard us trying to open the door and that’s when he just took off," says Black, but he didn’t run away before stealing a handgun from the car. "We don’t know what this guy is capable of. So we’re just really concerned about everybody’s safety," Black adds.

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"It just really scares everyone here in the community," says resident Chris Suarez.

Several residents here had their vehicles broken into in broad daylight Monday morning. As the Suarez family realized they’d been hit they noticed another neighbor trying to figure out why her car door was open. "She looked puzzled, looking at her car kind of like what the heck is going on. So we asked her, and she was broken into as well," says Suarez.

Several cameras caught video, which residents have now turned over to investigators with the hope that this guy is caught and arrested.


"Really you’re taking so much more from these families," says Black. "I did not sleep last night just out of fear. So you’re taking security and safety from these people when you come to their homes, and you take things that are not yours."

According to Houston Police, more than 3,600 guns were stolen from cars in Houston last year alone.