Camera captures 2 men attacking, stabbing man before stealing his car in northwest Houston

Aden Earnest is the first one to wonder who would want to steal his beat-up Honda sedan.

"I feel like it was more of a, I was the first person that they saw, and they were like might as well," he said.

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Earnest had just parked his car at his apartment complex in the 2200 block of West 18th on Friday, March 24 when two men are seen walking in front of the camera.

"As I got to right here, that's when I felt the impact on the side of my head. I fell to the ground," said Earnest. "He was demanding the keys. I told him no."

Earnest wouldn't give up the keys, so the second robber stabbed him.

"I'm just glad the guy with the knife, he didn't stab me multiple times or twist it or anything," he said.

Earnest spent several days in the hospital his right lung collapsed.

Two days after the vehicle was stolen, police found Earnest's car in the parking lot of the Concord Apartments on Little York and the North Freeway.

"Everything inside, it was gone," he said. "The front bumper was off and a flat right tire in the back."

If you recognize the robbers, call Houston Crime Stoppers.