City rescinds boil water notice issued Friday for parts of east Houston

The City has rescinded a boil water notice that was issued Friday for parts of east Houston.

Officials say those in the impacted area no longer need to boil water used for drinking, cooking and making ice.

On Friday, Houston Public Works said the boil water notice was issued for parts of the City of Houston’s Main Water System (TX1010013) after the water pressure dropped below the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s required minimum 20 psi following a water line break that morning.

On Monday, officials said the water pressure was restored to the area and quality testing submitted to TCEQ confirmed that the tap water meets all regulatory standards and is safe to drink.

"Houston Water has taken the necessary corrective actions to restore the quality of the water distributed by this public water system used for drinking water or human consumption purposes and has provided TCEQ with laboratory test results that indicate that the water no longer requires boiling prior to use as of May 4, 2021," Houston Public Works said in an update on Monday.

Now that the boil water notice is lifted, officials say customers should flush their water system by running cold-water faucets for at least one minute, cleaning automatic ice makers by making and discarding several batches of ice, and running water softeners through a regeneration cycle. Residents are also encouraged to share this information with others in the area who may not have received the notice directly.

Customers who have questions concerning this matter may contact 311 or (713)837-0311 or email Water quality reports for all of the City of Houston’s public water supplies are available online at: