"Blue Lives Matter Challenge" is born

In the wake of Deputy Darren Goforth’s murder last week, a pair of Fort Bend County boy scouts is taking action by “challenging” you to thank a law officer. 

13-year-old Ethan Plumley and his 10-year-old brother Trevor feel like law enforcement officers aren’t getting the respect they deserve. 

“We wanted to make a difference.  It seems nowadays more and more people are against law enforcement officers,” said Ethan.         

So when the boys head about the murder of the deputy last week in Northwest Harris County, they came up with a plan and pitched it to the nearby Rosenberg Police Department.  “

We wanted to take action and show that blue lives matter,” said Trevor. 

In a video posted to the Rosenberg PD Facebook page, the “Blue Lives Matter Challenge” is asking you to shake an officer’s hand and say “thanks” on video and challenge 5 others to do the same.

“They go to places other people don't want to go and they help people through protecting us and that's really important to me,” said Ethan.

If you don’t complete the challenge, you must donate $50 to the 100 Club, according to the boys. 

“I was really proud, they came up with this idea all on their own, through scouts they're supposed to make a difference and they felt like they could,” said Carol Plumley, the boy’s mother.

At a time when anti-police sentiment is high, Lieutenant Bill Henry with Rosenberg PD, says the video helped “re-energize” the force.  

“It means a whole lot to us.  We're human just like everyone else. Don't be afraid of the police, we definitely don't want people thinking it's us against them.  It's us with them, we police for them, not against them," said Lt. Henry.