Beyonce's father Mathew Knowles reveals he was diagnosed with breast cancer

“This has been a very fast track. I never had any pain. I never had anything to hurt. Just one day, I looked at my t-shirt and there was a dot of blood. So the second day dot of blood, and third day.”

That's what prompted Mathew Knowles to visit his doctor in July. A mammogram and biopsy revealed he had breast cancer.

"So we had surgery. This is in a three, four-week time period," he said.

While breast cancer isn't common in men, Knowles says the diagnosis wasn't shocking, given his family medical history.

"My grandmother's sister died of breast cancer, my mother’s sister also died of breast cancer. My aunt's only two daughters died of breast cancer," Knowles revealed.

A blood test also found Knowles has what's called a BRCA genetic mutation---putting him - and his family- at higher risk for cancer.

"If I have a mutation, that means my kids, my daughters, Solange and Beyonce could have a 50 to 60 percent higher risk of breast cancer and about a 25 percent higher risk of breast cancer," he said.

While early detection allowed Knowles to survive his cancer scare, he knows there's always a risk.

He now plans to get a mammogram every six months. He no longer drinks alcohol, and he is working out more.

Knowles plans to be an advocate, especially for men to take their health seriously.

“I can't over-emphasize if you find it early, it will be a different scenario than if you wait. Unfortunately, men of color, black men, black women, we are the last to go to the doctor and the first to die quite frankly.”