Bernie Sanders talks climate change, social justice, and more

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will be debating with other candidates at Texas Southern University, and he took a moment to talk one-on-one with FOX 26's Tom Zizka about his ongoing campaign.

"So the folks who work in the oil industry are not my enemy," said Sanders. "Climate change is my enemy."

Senator Sanders knows talking to voters in the energy capital of the world can be a challenge, selling his idea of a future that weans the country off fossil fuels, but he's undeterred. The Green New Deal, healthcare for all, guaranteed jobs, immigration reform, free college, they're all on the table, and all of it at the cost of trillions of dollars.

"We have the money. The problem is too few people have too much money and too many people have too little money," he said. "So to answer the question, depending on the particular issue that we can talk about, we're going to ask the wealthy and large, profitable corporations to start paying their fair share of taxes."

But what if you take every penny of their money?

"That's an inappropriate question, because it doesn't work like that. Nobody is taking every penny, this is a dynamic economy, why don't we rephrase it and ask, 'what can we do if we do away with the hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks and subsidies that the fossil fuel industry now gets?'" 

The central theme that Sanders is happy to answer:

"If you ask me what my vision of America is, it is a nation in which our principles rest on justice, not greed, not corruption, which is currently the case, but justice, economic justice, social justice, racial justice, and environmental justice. Those are my principles," said Sanders.

The next Democratic debate with be at Texas Southern University on September 12.