Bernie Sanders holds rally in Houston following caucus victory

After a caucus victory in Nevada on Saturday, Senator Bernie Sanders hit the campaign trail in Texas on Sunday.

According to campaign staff members, more than 6,600 people lined the University of Houston’s Fertitta Center for the candidate’s afternoon rally. Sanders making stops in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and Austin to campaign over the weekend.

“I came here to support Bernie Sanders,” said one supporter.“He’s making our country a little bit like Denmark, where they have a higher quality of life or better education systems,” said Max Tran. “I think that would be a good thing for America.”

“Immigration reform and LGBT rights,” said another supporter. “[My child] needs to go to college for free one day.”

Vermont’s senator touched on many topics during his rally including immigration, climate change, healthcare, abortion, gun control, and the legalization of marijuana.

“We will repeal all of Trump’s racist immigration executive orders,” said Sanders during the rally. “We will legalize marijuana in every state of this country.”

While it wasn’t mentioned during the rally, we also asked Senator Sanders about the recent Houston Astros cheating scandal.

“I haven’t really looked,” responded Sanders. “Cheating is not a good idea for anybody. I know the New England Patriots, a few years ago, had a similar problem.”

Sanders promoted a campaign slogan of “Us, Not Me” on Sunday, something he hopes will help gain votes ahead of Super Tuesday.

“Let us go forward,” said Sanders in the rally. “Let us beat Trump. Let us transform the country.”

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