Beloved dog swept away during Hurricane Harvey rescue mission

A San Antonio man's beloved dog was swept away from a boat during a Hurricane Harvey rescue mission in Texas. David Scherff and his furry friend, bulldog Frank came to the Katy area to help with rescue efforts, but Frank didn't make it. David heard the news about Harvey and knew instantly that he wanted to come to Houston to help folks.

"We met up with a friend of mine, got the boat, went to Houston. We started doing what we could." When David made it to Katy, it was already flooded.  "It was unreal. Everything was underwater, raining real hard. Time was of the essence when we got there. It really was."  

When he started the rescue mission, David's boat struck something. "It stopped the boat dead. The motor didn't die. It just stopped, like we hit a wall almost. Once that happened, Frank went in. I jumped in to get him and that's when it unfolded. Another rescuer named Tim was a marine diver and he tried to help out, but Frank didn't make it.  The rescue mission ended tragically--when they finally found Frank's body.  "Just a tragic loss," said Scherff.