Autumn selfie trends, effects on self-image

The fall season is here and so are the ever-changing colors of celebrities’ hair on Instagram. With the new season, comes new trends. But the question is, is it safe to obsess over looking perfect for social media?

Celebrities typically lead the pack when it comes to new trends. They take selfies with their new makeup ideas and hairstyles constantly. But what if you don't look exactly like the women and men you admire in the mainstream media?

“We've been watching all of these amazing celebrities and we've taken them, and given them a great way that you can get this look at home,” said award-winning celebrity hairstylist Jennifer MacDougall.

Using celebrity selfies to recreate looks is more popular than ever, and according to MacDougall, red violet, sizzling sunset and denim hair are the newest craze -- colors that she said create the perfect selfie pop for Instagram and Facebook.

“We’re projecting this perfect image of ourselves,” said licensed professional counselor Rachel Eddins. “And so now that's going to validate ‘oh in order to belong or get attention or to be appreciated or values I must be perfect.’”

Eddins said that she deals with the effects of selfies and social media on her clients on a daily basis.

“Most often it’s in a negative light,” added Eddins.

We’re not just talking about modifying photos by airbrushing and using filters. Now, celebrity stylists are saying hair color can make you stand out more on social media too. And that sounds appealing, but should all of your confidence and self-esteem come from your selfies on Instagram and Facebook?

“Certainly, there are pros because we all want to be appreciated, validated, feel that we belong,” explained Eddins. “It’s like getting a lot of feedback.”

But more often than not, Eddins said the cons of selfies and the perfect celebrity look outweigh the pros.

“Now it’s just a reinforcement cycle that just repeats itself," said Eddins. "I’m striving to always look good and look my best and project this image that's not really authentic.”

There we go -- authenticity. What makes It can get confusing when you want to look exactly like the person in the photo you bring to your hairstylist. While the new hair color you choose may make you feel great for the twenty-four hours that people are ‘liking’ it on Instagram, Eddins said there's something that lasts much longer.

“Just having authentic real relationships, that's really what’s going to be long-lasting and what’s going to fill you up and give you what you really need," said Eddins. "The real key message is that self-esteem is within.”

Whether you decide on red violet or sizzling sunset hair for the fall season, Eddins recommended that you just remember what makes you unique.