Authorities investigate deputy-involved shooting of inmate near UTMB parking garage

Galveston County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Henry Trochesset said one of his deputies shot and wounded an inmate who was trying to escape as the inmate was being taken into the emergency room at UTMB.

UTMB spokesman Raul Reyes said that a county prisoner was being taken to the ER when that prisoner tried to escape.

The inmate was shot near Parking Garage No. 2, which is the parking garage closest to the emergency center.

The inmate has since been taken to the emergency center. The parking garage has been blocked off, but all other operations at the hospital are unaffected, Reyes said.

The deputy is unharmed, the sheriff said. He said the sheriff's office policy is that at least two deputies escort inmates when they are taken to the hospital.

He said procedure calls for an outside agency in conjunction with the Galveston County District Attorney's Office to handle the deputy-involved shooting investigation.

The sheriff was headed to the scene and hadn't determined which outside agency was to handle the investigation.

There are no reports that anyone else was wounded in the incident. Reyes said there are no lockdowns in place and that the only area affected is the parking garage along Harborside Drive.

UTMB sent out an alert asking people to avoid the areas along Harborside near the garage.