Attorneys in Deputy Goforth death case say they have new evidence

Attorneys representing the man who gunned down Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth say they're getting what they need to defend him.

Prosecutors from the Harris County District Attorney and Sheriff's offices agreed to turn over evidence in the capital murder case against Shannon Miles.

Miles was arrested for the August 29th shooting death of Deputy Goforth. 

Miles' attorney says they will now get witness lists, previous statements, credit card receipts, text messages, emails, and other documents relevant to the case. 

This information may be used to prove Deputy Goforth was not killed while on official business earlier this year but meeting his mistress. 

Anthony Osso says this could help reduce the case against his client from capital murder to murder.

The defense and prosecution in this case also greed not to share their evidence with the public. 

Miles is set to be officially arraigned on the capital murder charge December 9.