Animal loving teen looking for new home

November is National Adoption Month, and of the hundreds of kids waiting to be adopted in the Houston area, many of them are teenagers.  

Josh just turned 13 years old.  He loves sports, art, photography and especially animals.  

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"What I like about dogs and cats and horses is that they can read emotions."  

Oftentimes animals can help children cope with the challenges of foster care.  

"I have a huge personality. I’m not a kid who doesn’t like just sitting around. I like to do interactive things with other people."

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We brought him to Cypress Trails Ranch for a fun day of horseback riding. His CASA, or court appointed advocate, Mr. Scott, met him there.

"We have been friends for a year. There are so many great things about Josh. He’s always looking for a good time, always positive, always thinking of other people.  Very loyal friend." 

Depelchin Children’s Center is looking to find Josh a loving and forever home.  

"He’s benefit from someone who really wants to be involved in his life, make that connection by being interested in things he’s interested in. He loves animals. He likes football," said Arnold Valdez, part of Depelchin’s foster and adoption team.  


Right now, he’s a youth ambassador at Depelchin’s residential facility.  

"I try to make people laugh. There’s one girl there who I say stuff to, and she’s in a better mood," said Josh.  

Depelchin wants you to know there’s very little cost to adopt through foster care.  You also don’t have to be married or own a home. 

"It’s not a difficult situation. It’s just a complex one. You have to understand it’s our responsibility to make sure the child is safe. This is a child with a history of abuse and neglect, and we don’t want to relive that," said Valdez. 

"I just want to be in a home. That’s all that matters to me," said Josh.  

If you’re interested in adopting Josh or any other child, begin the process by visiting