Amazon to hire 150,000 seasonal workers; 5,900 in the Houston area

Amazon has joined the list of employers looking to employ thousands for the upcoming holidays, saying it will hire 150,000 seasonal workers, in the coming weeks.

Just last month, the online retailer put out a call for 125,000 full and part-time employees, to keep up with everyday business. The upcoming holiday shopping crush will require tens of thousands more.


The jobs represent the full spectrum of positions, as Amazon works to meet shopper demand. Of the total hires, 15,000 will be in Texas and 5,900 will be in the Houston area. Pay will average $18 dollars an hour, with up to $3 dollars more and a potential $3,000 dollar signing bonus, depending on the job and shift.

The company wants applicants to know they're willing to be flexible.

"They want the flexibility to work a weekend; work a night; work a few hours, here and there; to pick up some extra income, and we provide those very flexible opportunities," says Amazon's Ofori Agboka.

The list of employers seeking seasonal help is growing. Walmart says it will also hire 150,000, with some destined for permanent positions. UPS will make offers to some of the 100,000, it needs, right on the spot. Kohl's will offer bonuses to its 90,000 seasonal workers.


All told, industry estimates expect more than 700,000 seasonal positions to be added to a labor market that is already struggling to fill positions. That's on top of supply-chain challenges that will keep all of them very busy.

"We're focused on the things we can control, and that's being prepared and starting early," says Amazon's Agboka, "(That's) what we're doing now, to make sure that we are able to address and meet the needs that our customers are seeking."

Hiring incentives may be helping. Amazon says, when it hired 125,000 employees last month, 1.8 million people applied. The company says many of its seasonal hires will find opportunities for permanent jobs, once the holidays are over. Click here to apply