Allegations of Medicaid fraud lodged against state's largest school district

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H.I.S.D  tells FOX 26 they are aware of the allegations of improper Medicaid billing and have launched an investigation.

The alleged Medicaid fraud involves special education students who attend Jeff Davis and Madison High Schools.

Community activist Gerry Monroe claims H.I.S.D. billed Medicaid for services that were not rendered or were not needed.

“How do I know because I’ve got teachers in there that are tired of watching what’s going on,” Monroe said.

“I was being asked to bill for services that I haven’t done,” said a special education teacher who asked that we not identify her. “I just don’t think it’s right to charge anybody for something that’s not done. I wouldn’t want that to happen to me.”

This teacher recorded a conversation with an H.I.S.D. employee who guides teachers on what services should be billed to Medicaid.

School districts automatically get more funding for special needs students, but they get even more from Medicaid for certain services.

“You may have a special needs kid that has to go to the restroom well you have to have somebody take him they charge you for that,” said Monroe. “You may have a special needs kid that needs a diaper well they charge for that.”

Monroe claims H.I.S.D. is billing Medicaid for a life skill classroom setting to teach special education students how to do things like cook and do laundry.

“You walk into some of these classrooms and they don’t have this stuff, but yet you are still charging Medicaid for services you are not providing,” Monroe said.

“We’re being encouraged to do things that I feel is illegal,” the special education teacher said. “I don’t feel like we should be billing for things that are not being done or are not necessary.”

H.I.S.D. sent FOX 26 this prepared statement,

“The Houston Independent School District is aware of allegations involving the improper billing of Medicaid. A review of Medicaid control processes is being conducted by H.I.S.D. Administration and the Office of Internal Audit.”