Airzai startup making air sanitizer and bringing jobs to Houston

A Canada-based startup is coming to Houston to create a product to germ-proof the air around you!

Airzai, a tech startup out of Toronto, has created a travel-friendly air sanitizer as a part of their new “Airzai Care” line.

The creator says it’s effective against germs within 30-seconds of contact. It’s also described as non-toxic, made from natural ingredients, and also effective against bacteria and mold.

Airzai was founded as a maker of premium fragrance smart home diffusers, but in February, its factories in China were shut down. The company then pivoted its team of perfumers and scientists, and in three to four weeks, created the air sanitizer to help protect people during the spread of coronavirus.

“The virus right now- it can be airborne anywhere between three to eight hours. If you need to leave for essential activities like going to a grocery store, or if you need to grab an Uber or Lyft, you never know who has been in that environment before or what is going on in the air,” says Airzai CEO and co-founder, Muneeb Mushtaq.

“The idea is that, in your surroundings or in a contained area like an elevator or a car, you can conveniently take that spray out and spray it around you,” he says.

The company is also making hand sanitizer and donating thousands of bottles to frontline workers.

Both products are being made in the USA. production facility in Houston is being set up and is expected to create jobs for more than 100 workers.

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