Afghan who is now living in Houston says he knew about Taliban takeover

One Afghan living in Houston says he knew about the Taliban takeover, which is why he directed his family several weeks ago to leave everything in Kabul and go to Tajikistan. He says he and his family are on the Taliban’s radar.

Nisar Momand calls Houston home with his wife and four children. His family, more than 8,000 miles away, are stuck in Tajikistan after leaving their jobs, homes, and belongings in Kabul.

"We are sleepless, we are stressed, and under depression, because we are struggling for our family. There is no doubt that we are worrying for our family," said Momand.

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He worked with the U.S. government as a translator. After being threatened by the Taliban, he came to the U.S. on a special immigrant visa five years ago.

"The Taliban tried to kidnap one of my brothers, and then they were sending us the letters and giving us the warning letters that they will be killed because you guys," said Momand.

Most of his family were part of the Afghan army. He gave us his perspective on why the Afghan army does not seem to fight the Taliban in Kabul.

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"Why they did not fight, we believe they were trying to save millions of people’s lives," said Momand. "We believe approximately it is eight million people. If this war started, then of course, we have to lose at least a million people. We believe that was the reason that the army surrendered and didn’t fight."

Nisar says high officials from the Afghan army that helped the U.S. are calling him, begging for a way out of that country.