ADOT uses 'sunscreens' to protect Saguaro cacti along Valley freeways

If you're driving along the Loop 101, you might notice something different in the landscape.

"I know a lot of folks will have questions about the nets or these black sacks that are over the Saguaros," Doug Nintzel said.

The folks behind the recent change, representatives from the Arizona Department of Transportation, have a pretty good answer for covering the transplanted cacti.

"With the rec from the nursery, it was, 'Hey, as you're going through the establishment period, let's get through the hottest summer months with the intense sun, having these sunshades or sun clothes on the Saguaros,'" Nintzel said.

During the last several months, ADOT saved, nursed and replanted nearly 400 Saguaros to beautify the freeways.

"Obviously, we've added the new lanes, folks are loving driving on the new lanes along the freeway, but landscaping has been a big part of this project," Nintzel said.

If you're thinking that's a lot of fuss for some landscape, just remember, they've been here longer than us.

"The Saguaros really are the greatest symbol of the West and we're looking out for them cause they're going to be looking out for us while we're driving on the freeway," Nintzel said.