Activists say ICE agents spotted in Houston again Tuesday

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were spotted once again in the Houston area on Tuesday.

This coming from a credible tip to immigrants rights group - FIEL Houston. 

Volunteers from FIEL Houston were dispatched to at least three locations in the Houston area on Tuesday, but none confirmed to be actual raids. FIEL Houston is asking everyone in the community to remain on high alert.

"We’ve gone all over town, and we haven’t confirmed any ICE operations. We have confirmed ICE presence or supposed ICE presence but nobody has been picked up today," said executive director of FIEL Houston Cesar Espinosa. "So today, we have had no confirmed of an actual person arrested by ICE."

As of Tuesday afternoon, Cesar Espinosa and his team had investigated multiple reports of ICE authorities in the Cypress, Spring Branch and along Westheimer area of Houston. But, Espinosa says no raids in any of those areas have been confirmed. 

Since this weekend, Espinosa says ICE agent sightings have been reported in various neighborhoods across Houston.

On Monday, he says at least six people from El Paraíso apartments in southwest Houston were confirmed to have been picked up and taken into ICE custody. 

"So far from those families that were picked up yesterda,y we have not heard anything," Espinosa says.

For the last several weeks, Espinosa and his team at FIEL Houston have worked alongside representatives at congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s office in the Heights helping provide resources and “know your rights” information to immigrants at risk of being deported. 

FIEL Houston tells the immigrant community to not live in fear, but rather to go on with their normal lives and assert their rights when necessary.