AAA says high gas prices will not affect Texas residents traveling for Fourth of July

Despite high gas prices, AAA estimates a record number of people will drive to their destinations this holiday weekend, both in Texas and nationwide. 

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We spent the day at the Buc-ee's Travel Center in Katy, where a steady flow of drivers refueled their vehicles and their stomachs.

"It’s getting outrageous. Seems like it's coming down doesn’t it?" said driver Henry Avaruega, while filling his tank with gas. "For me, I get mileage when I travel, so it doesn’t affect me too much."

"You have to go where you have to go. I try not to look at the prices," said Chris Nguyen, after filling his truck. 

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High gas prices aren't stopping road warriors. AAA says a record 42 million will travel by car this holiday weekend. 

"We had a baseball tournament in Georgia. We're going either way, and gas prices are what they are," said John Lucas, on his way home to San Antonio with his son.

"When it comes to high gas prices, it doesn’t deter people from traveling. Rather they may modify their plans," said Joshua Zuber, spokesperson for AAA Texas. "They may be looking at less expensive accommodations or even staying with family and friends."

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"This summer has already been a very busy summer for road trips and we’re looking forward to a huge flow this weekend," said Joseph Fandino, General Manager of the Buc-ees in Katy. 

He says they stocked up, anticipating heavy traffic, but even kids are feeling inflation. 

"When I want to go buy snacks for my friends, they cost so much more than they usually do from a year ago," said 12-year-old Abilene Moroney. 

And some adults say gas prices are, in fact, pumping their brakes.

"I didn’t make plans to go out of state or drive out of state.  I would have gone home to Arizona to visit family," said Angela Lee.


"We were going to take a road trip and go see friends in North Carolina. But we decided we’re not going, and we’re not going to fly either because of airfares right now," said Carol Moroney. 

If you're about to hit the road, you can use the Gas Buddy app, through our FOX 26 Pump Patrol, to find the cheapest gas stations along your route.