A young triathlete stops mid-race, but two boys do something inspiring

An act of kindness and selflessness of two Houston-area boys is restoring the world's faith in humanity.

When it comes to the compassion and sportsmanship of William Staten, 9, and Gideon Morgan, 8, they are unmatched.

William and Gideon participated in the Cypress Youth Triathlon on Saturday, July 25, and did something inspiring. They put their pride aside and helped someone else through the finish line.

To give you an idea of their conditions, the yearly Cypress Youth Triathlon is a race where the kids swim 50 meters, bike 2 miles and then run for half a mile.

It was in the middle of running the half mile, when William saw Andy Hailey, 9, lying on the ground.

Instead of running past him to the finish line, he stopped and offered Andy a shoulder to lean on.

Andy got up and put his arms around William, and that's when Gideon came in to help.

Photos and video of the three boys that were first published on RARE.us finishing the race together have gone viral around the world since the race.

Take a good look at these photos, and may we all take note of what real sportsmanship looks like.