New Houston pilot program to fix heavy trash problem left littering neighborhoods

Heavy trash left sitting in a neighborhood can be a nuisance in a number of ways, from being an eyesore to a health hazard. So one Houston City Council member has started a new program to eliminate the problem.

In District A, the number one complaint from residents recently is heavy trash left littering neighborhoods. So now there’s a pilot program to pick up any heavy waste that isn’t collected on its regular schedule. 


"We were getting so many phone calls about heavy trash and tree waste that were being missed or not picked up at all, and it was one of the top phone calls and emails that we received in my office, so we knew we had to do something." says Houston City Councilwoman Amy Peck. 

So what did she do? Peck came up with a test program and hired a private company to help with heavy trash pick up in District A where residents say large waste often sits at the curb for far too long. 

"Generally you put it out, and it doesn’t necessarily happen that day. It might take a week or two weeks," says one resident. 

"Leaving big heavy trash out is not good for the environment, first of all." Hannah, another resident adds. 

"It was creating so many problems for people: rodents, bugs, grass dying. We’re doing this program in District A to make sure our constituents out here get the services they deserve," Peck explained.  


"We’ve got kids in the area. We don’t want kids playing around in that. So overall, I think it’s a good idea." Hannah says.

If you live in District A, here’s how it will work: "If anyone’s heavy trash is missed or not picked up on time, call it in to 311 and my office is going to check those records at the end of each week that it’s supposed to be picked up, and we will send a crew out to go get it."  

The service is free of charge for District A residents and paid for with tax dollars. If this program, which will also pick up some illegal dumping, is successful, it will continue beyond a trial basis.