Elderly, disabled tenants in Harris County struggle to get by without power

At the Timber Top Condominiums in northwest Harris County, many of the residents are elderly and disabled. 

"There's people in their 80s and upper 90s who can't take this heat at all," said one tenant. 

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"The managers, they've been feeding us and we have enough water. They're trying to do their best," said another. 

On Wednesday, the generator went out at the complex. It doesn't provide power to the units-but is used to power the lobby and one of the elevators - giving the tenants access to AC and power outlets. 

While the manager was working to fix the generator, tenants had to use the stairwell to get in and out of their units. One woman in her 80's walking up and down from the eighth floor. 

"It's been very tough, very tough," she said. 

Saying braving the heat isn't only uncomfortable, but dangerous, "It's really, really hard. I mean we have a couple of people who are sitting in there now who are sitting on their deathbed." 

Like many Houstonians, the tenants at Timber Top are anxiously waiting for their power to come back on. 

"You can't get any information on when your electricity is gonna go back on," one woman said. 

"I just hope that they are doing their best," said another. "We all want to go back to our lives."