40-year-old mother of twins found handcuffed, malnourished in Cypress has criminal past of injury to child

The twins are seen on a doorbell video with a 16-year-old girl holding a pair of handcuffs. 

They tell the homeowners, who are away in Dallas, they need a place to be for the night. The homeowner says, no we can't do that, and the pair go to ring Saheed Olaiya's doorbell.

BACKGROUND: 16-year-old twins escape from Cypress home allegedly handcuffed, leads to Amber Alert for 5 children

"I spoke to them. I didn't open the door. What can I do for you? And they said, ‘please we need a place to sleep.’ I said no, I don't know you, get off my property and they left," Olaiya said.

The twins are now in CPS custody and getting treated at a hospital.

On Monday, their mother, 40-year-old Zaikiya Duncan, and her 27-year-old boyfriend, Jova Terrell, and five boys ranging in age from seven to 14 were the subject of an Amber Alert. 

The couple was arrested in Louisiana and the five boys are with relatives.


According to court documents, Duncan has been convicted of cruelty to a juvenile in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Documents state she submerged a 5-year-old child in hot water causing serious burns. Police found a 20-month-old infant wrapped in clothing with his hands bound.

The document states Duncan and her then boyfriend made the victim do push-ups for an hour and forced the child to sleep on a closet floor. Boards were placed in front of the closet door to keep the victim from escaping and stealing food from the kitchen.

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Duncan was also on probation from 2013 to 2020.

"This is heartbreaking. It's pathetic and I think it's satanic," Olaiya said.