4-year-old Sir Romeo Milam still in hospital after 30 surgeries

It’s been a rough year for Diamond and her family. She’s celebrating her 12th birthday with her relatives in the hospital. Back in the spring, her brother, 4-year-old Sir Romeo, was struck by a stray bullet.

"They just started shooting out of nowhere and then they say, 'Get on the ground!,' so we got on the ground and that’s when it came from the bottom of the door and it shot him in the back," says Diamond Milam.

And thirty surgeries later, Sir Romeo is still at Texas Children’s Hospital. The boy's grandmother Lori Ann Milam has been driving there too many times to count and has been watching him progress each day.

"He’s walking, he’s breathing, he’s here," says Lori Ann. "Whether he eats or not, he's still here and that makes a big difference to the whole family."

The family visit on Friday night was extra special with Diamond was celebrating her birthday and hoping that Sir Romeo would be home for his in a week.

Police are still searching for the suspect in the shooting case. Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers of Houston by phone at 713-222-8477 (TIPS).