4 intruders ransack and steal from Spring home and kill family's beloved dog

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The four thieves apparently didn’t mind the surveillance cameras that surround the home in Champion Springs, because you can see their faces as clear as day.

Patricia, the homeowner, says she and her husband were in La Marque working at a shop they own. You can see the four men jump the backyard fence. They enter the house by breaking a bedroom window.

“They went through every room,” Patricia said. “Tore everything up took all my baby’s shoes.”

The burglars were pretty blatant. They walk out the front door with sheets full of stuff. They left no room untouched.

“I had money put up hid in the closet, in one of my jackets, $2000 that was gone,” Patricia said.

They turned over couches and ransacked almost every inch of the house. They filled up suitcases with the family’s property.

“We’re left with one pair of shoes,” Patricia said. “They took all our shoes and my daughter’s shoes and all my husband’s shoes all his clothes he’s left with nothing.”

The intruders took something away from the family that can’t be replaced and it’s heart wrenching--one of their dogs named Lady.

“She was in the cage. I’m thinking whenever they came inside she busted out of the cage and tried to get one of them, and when she went to do that, they shot her in here in our living room,” Patricia said.

Lady stumbled outside and collapsed. The family buried her near the spot where she died.

“And we’re thinking if we would have been home they probably would have shot us,” the homeowner said. “They killed the dog, why not us.”