Father of 3 shot to death after taking coworker to Spring Branch bar

"We don't have our dad with us," said Nathan Cantù. "That's not normal because we haven't had this before."

10-year-old Nathan is the oldest of 38-year-old Eli Cantù's three children.


"It's been kind of hard for me to fall asleep, because I can't stop thinking about him," he said. 

Cantù's mother, Laura Juarez, is feeling the unimaginable pain of losing a child.

"How can they go through this and here I am going through it?" she said. "I get things like, oh he's in a better place, but nobody knows what it feels like until it happens to you."

All Juarez knows about her son's murder is that he was killed on Saturday, May 27 after giving a coworker a ride to a bar at 1810 Ojeman.

That friend apparently got a call from his son worried about a possible fight breaking out at the bar.


"It's been hell, it's been torture," said Juarez. "It's been mixed emotions trying to figure out what's going on."

Juarez said someone from the bar told her, when Cantù and his coworker were in the parking lot, three men jumped the coworker and Cantù tried to break up the fight.

Police say 50 rounds were fired.


Juarez says the coworker drove her son to the hospital in Cantù's car and then left.

She's heard nothing from the coworker who she believes can answer some of the lingering questions.

"We want justice for Eli," she said.