3 students in custody after hoax threat at George Ranch High School

An investigation is now underway after a hoax threat was called into Fort Bend County authorities on Thursday. 

According to Lt. Segura with Lamar CISD, dispatch at the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office said they received a call at 11:57 a.m. about a possible shooter on campus at George Ranch High School. 

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Authorities said officers who were on campus were notified and responded immediately to the threat. 

Segura said the first officers arrived on the scene by 12:03 p.m. and started searching the area immediately. 

Officials stated the call was coming from the auditorium of the school. The area was later cleared and there was no danger in that area. 

Segura said as more officers arrived, they broke up into two teams and swept the campus, going door-to-door checking students. Officials said every door on campus was locked at that time per the district's protocol. 

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The principal of the school said there were 2,500 students and 150 staff in the building. They were able to get into lockdown within three minutes with hallways being clear and doors being locked. 

Within 30-35 minutes of the sweep, Segura said they learned of the three suspects who made a false call to 911 swatting them. Officals said within a period of three to five minutes, two to three different phone calls came in stating they needed help. It's unclear if they were from different numbers or if they were from burner or personal cell phones. 

Officials said no weapons or injuries were found on campus. 

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All three of the suspects are in custody and in front of a Fort Bend County Magistrate Judge facing several charges including terroristic threat, false report, and swatting. 

The motive behind the calls is unknown, however Segura said several students were in the area when the call was made. 

School officials said even though it is an early release day on Friday, the campus will be open for students. 

More suspects could possibly be involved, according to officials.