3 children found in the Sam Houston National Forest after spending night in the dark rain

Some are calling it a miracle that three little kids survived alone all night in the Sam Houston National Forest in Montgomery County.

It was a sight that brought tears to the eyes of searchers when the two 7-year-old boys and 6-year-old girl came walking out of the woods after they were missing all night. 

BACKGROUND: 3 children found safe after overnight search in Sam Houston National Forest

It was a relief not only for the community but imagine the absolute elation for their parents. 

"We just trust God and we knew they would come out and it would be a success," says one man there in Montgomery County.

After searching for the three kids all night Thursday and for hours Friday morning the 6 and 7-year-old sister and brother and their 7-year-old neighborhood friend miraculously emerged from the trees just before 10 a.m. 

"My grandchildren are 9 and 12. I can’t imagine them being out in this weather or in the darkness overnight," says neighbor Katie Francis. '

It was just before 8:00 p.m. Thursday in the Flamingo Lakes Sub-Division when the three kids went walking along a trail between their two homes and they disappeared, getting lost in the Sam Houston National Forest. 

"I’m an elderly person, lived here all my life and I would be petrified if I were in the forest overnight," Francis adds. 

"We’re doing a fundraiser with our recovery ministry and there was a family that came out and said there was some children that was missing so what we did was just joined hands with them and prayed with them for the children’s safety," explains Greg Clack.


After surviving the rain, darkness, and wildlife the kids simply walked over to a volunteer, giving this story an ending many prayed hard for.

"Oh, I’m glad. Although I would be highly upset if they were mine," says one resident. 

"I’m glad that they’re just fine," smiles Francis.

"I’m sure they were cold and afraid but God always keeps His hands wrapped around us," Clack adds. 


Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputies say the kids tell them they wandered off the trail to play by a dry creek and they couldn’t find their way back. 

The kids say they were taught by their parents to stay together if they were ever lost and wait for an adult to find so they did just that. We’re told the children were checked out by paramedics and do not have any injuries.