27-year-old man accused of fleeing crash that killed 34-year-old woman, unborn child

Latrice Fredrick, 34, was just weeks away from giving birth to her fourth son.

"She was seven months pregnant and was due in November," said her sister, Danesha Williams. "She was happy."

Now Fredrick is gone and so is her unborn son.

DPS troopers say this man 27-year-old Angel Aviles-Perez is the reason why.

They say he also changed the lives of these three boys.

"Three kids without a mother," said Latrice's mother Terry Fredrick. "That's very hard."

It was Sept. 1. Danesha Williams lives in Hempstead.

She was having car trouble and pulled over on this rural stretch of road on FM 359, just south of FM 3346 in Waller. Her friend Sharon Williams pulled up behind her.

Latrice Fredrick came to help along with the sister's mother Terry Fredrick.

They had just gotten the car started and a 2006 white Cadillac allegedly driving by Perez came barreling at them.

"The guy just came out of nowhere, smashed into my sister, and we all smashed into each other," Williams said. "I thought I was going to die."

Latrice and her mother went to the hospital by Life Flight.

Terry Fredrick says she has no memory of the crash that killed her oldest daughter.

"I have a fractured jaw bone and I got stitches and in my mouth," Fredrick said. "They say I fractured my ribs and collarbone."

Latrice and her unborn child died upon arrival at the hospital.

Troopers say Perez got out of the Cadillac and ran off into a cow pasture leaving his own brother who was a passenger to fend for himself.

"What you did was wrong and you ran, that's even worse," Williams said.

If you can help DPS Troopers find Perez you could be eligible for up to a $5,000 reward.

Call Crime Stoppers at (713) 222-TIPS.