2 small dogs mauled to death, another severely injured while in the care of residential pet sitter

"Gypsy's a rescue dog," said her owner, Seema Santhakumar.

Gypsy has been a member of the Santhakumar family for five years.

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On October 13, Gypsy went to stay with a pet sitter.

No criminal charges are filed, so we are not saying her name or showing her face.

"I feel horrible about the puppy dog," the pet sitter said.

On October 17, 5 days later, Santhakumar says she picked Gypsy up.

"Don't panic, there was a little fight yesterday evening, which was Sunday evening. Gypsy got bit, but don't worry it's not as bad as it looks," Santhakumar said the pet sitter told her.

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It was much worse than it looked. Gypsy's tail is gone.

She had to undergo reconstructive surgery.

"Mauled, chewed, and dragged that's what happened in the yard and that's the pet sitter's own words," said Santhakumar. "She was dragged by a big bulldog."

After Santhakumar posted about it on her neighborhood community Facebook page, other pet owners shared their horror stories.

"Two other owners, their dogs in fact, got mauled to death under the same pet sitters care, while they were on vacation," Santhakumar said.

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A dog named Roscoe and another little dog named Peanut were killed while in the pet sitter's care. 

"On the Facebook page, she's not disputing that Gypsy was attacked. She's not disputing those two dogs were mauled to death in her care," said Santhakumar. "She openly said yes her dog bit them and killed them, and she admitted that."

The pet sitter admitted to us her dog killed two small dogs while in her care.

"Dogs bite, sometimes dogs react badly," the pet sitter said.


We asked her if she was still pet sitting.

"No, not really," she said. "I'm not taking in any more new ones. I'm just going to do something else."